Carbon Laser Facial

Often called the “Hollywood Facial” or “China Doll Facial”, what you can expect with a Carbon Facial is a skin corrective treatment that peels off the outer layer of dead skin cells, leaving you with an instantly exfoliated, purified radiant complexion.

We start by thoroughly cleansing the skin to remove all dirt and excess oil. Next, we apply a specialised carbon cream and allow it to absorb for roughly ten minutes. A laser hand-piece is then passed over the treatment area three times to remove both the carbon and any dead skin cells of the epidermal layer. Finally, we gently cleanse the skin again before applying an SPF sunscreen to protect you.

Expected benefits include:

~Reducing the appearance of large pores~

~Cleaning and purifying skin whilst tightening pores~

~Treating both acne and blackheads~

~Reduction in acne scaring~

~Improving overall skin smoothness~

~Reducing skin pigmentation and discolouration~

~Stimulating new collagen and elastin production~

~Leaves you looking more radiant~

You can expect glowing results after one session, but for long lasting, clear and healthy skin with anti-ageing effects, we recommend six sessions that are four weeks apart – results get better with each treatment!

  • $2151 Hour

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