Acne Treatment

IPL Technology is an effective treatment to help stop acne and the scaring it can leave behind.

Treating acne with IPL Technology is done by utilising blue light directly to the area targeting the acid bacillus bacteria whilst leaving the surrounding healthy skin tissue as is.

The treatment is specifically designed to slow the production of oil that leads to acne, which then reduces the chance of blemishes and minimises the appearance of enlarged pores.

IPL Acne treatments should be spaced 1-2 weeks apart to allow your skins regeneration cycle to play its part in the process for the maximum optimal results.

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  • $4930 Mins


  • $3530 Mins

Lower Face (along jawbone)

  • $4930 Mins


  • $7930 Mins


  • $3930 Mins


  • $3930 Mins

Full Face

  • $11930 Mins

Upper or Lower Back

  • $15930 Mins

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