The eyes have it. For longer, thicker, luscious, more natural looking eyelashes, you deserve the advantage of Eyelash Extensions.

A global leading breakthrough, unlike traditional false eyelashes, eyelash flares or implants, these revolutionary extensions are designed to mimic your natural eyelashes. As lovers of all animals we only use faux mink in all our lash extensions, which also holds its shape better and lasts longer than real mink.

New Glamour Set

  • $1351 Hour

Glamour Infill

  • $851 Hour

4D Volume Lashes

  • $1991 1/2 Hours

4D Volume Lashes Infill

  • $1051 Hour

Lash Lift

  • $7930 Mins

Lash Removal

  • $5520 Mins

Before & After

Lash Extensions

Lash Extensions