Super IPL Hair Reduction

How Super Hair Reduction (SHR) differs from other treatments is through the breakthrough technology that scans the area being treated with up to 10 flashes per second which gradually heats the target area for painless hair reduction, whereas traditional IPL technology uses high intensity shots that can cause discomfort.

Hair will reduce and become finer with each treatment, however, most clients do require between 8-10 sessions at regular intervals on each area for optimum results (these vary depending on the area. For example, the face is required to be treated every 2-4 weeks whereas the chest, back and legs maybe treated every 8 weeks). Some people also require maintenance treatments to achieve a lifetime of smooth skin.

After your treatment, you can expect the hair to fall out. Like everywhere, different types of hair and areas take different amounts of time, along with other factors such as your hair’s natural life cycle, coarseness and skin type. Body hair may take 2-3 weeks whereas facial hair will take 7-10 days.

Not sure if this will be suitable for your skin and hair type or how many treatments you will require? Book in for a consultation with us, and we can go over all of your questions and give you an idea of expected results!

Centre of eyebrows

  • $3930 Mins


  • $4930 Mins

Upper Lip

  • $4930 Mins

Sides of Face/Cheek

  • $7930 Mins

Half Face

  • $9930 Mins

Front or back of Neck

  • $7930 Mins

Full Arm

  • $12930 Mins


  • $11930 Mins


  • $9930 Mins


  • $4930 Mins

Lower Legs

  • $12930 Mins

Upper Legs

  • $14930 Mins

Full Legs

  • $19930 Mins

Half Arm

  • $10930 Mins