Fat Cavitation

So, how does it work? With Fat Cavitation, low frequency sound waves are applied directly to the skin in targeted areas. This disrupts the fatty tissue, helping it to break down and filter through your body’s own lymphatic system.

Treatments are painless, comfortable, non-invasive and the perfect lifestyle solution for helping with your body confidence – with zero downtime as an added bonus! We do suggest that you do a minimum of 20 minutes cardio exercise following your treatment to encourage the lymphatic drainage.

The amount of treatments needed depends on a few factors, namely the size of the area being treated and the type of area. We recommend a course of 6-10 treatments spaced a week apart.

Fat Cavitation is the perfect accompaniment to RF Skin Tightening to help tighten and tone loose skin!

Knees (inner & upper)

  • $15940 Mins

Thighs (inner & upper)

  • $17940 Mins

Buttocks & Upper Thighs

  • $18945 Mins


  • $15940 Mins

Upper Arms

  • $12930 Mins

Upper Back (bra line)

  • $14945 Mins


  • $12945 Mins


  • $12945 Mins